About Us

From My Hands To Your Stomach


We believe in making good desserts. As we grow, so will our menu and our community, yet our values will always remain the same. We take the time to make our cakes, pies, puddings, cobblers and pastries by hand and with care, and according to the season so that we don’t need to compromise on what we eat, whether we’re on the go, or taking time out in our bakery. 

We insist on the finest ingredients, supporting small businesses wherever we can, and though we’re always innovating, our baking is based on time -honored techniques and our decades-old starters. Nothing gives us as much pleasure as freshly baked, lovingly crafted desserts. Whilst we are ordinary people, we want to make extraordinary things. We want to play our part to bring humanity back into the food world, and back to local communities. We love what we do and hope that it comes through in every buttery, flaky bite.

Owner Felica Griffith

Equip with the love of baking and a few recipes from grandmother, this is a one-woman army when it comes to crafting great desserts.

Why Aunty Sweet Treats

At Aunty Sweet Treats, we guarantee goodness in every product we make for you and we pride ourselves on serving only the best ingredients in our desserts for the ultimate freshness.

What You Get

You get an owner that oversees her day-to-day operations personally performing Quality Assurance on every finish dessert leaving our bakery.